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Absolutely Arabians, LLC Presents...


(Pyro Thyme SA x SMA Alad Khelima)

Tux's Trainers

Dressage and Liberty Trainer

Jamie Lawton Dressage
(Affiliated with KYB Dressage)
(630) 338-7421

Jamie Lawton (from KYB Dressage) worked with Tux from 2010 through 2015. During that time Jamie progressed with Tux from performing Level 1 Dressage to FEI Intermediare 1 level. They had an amazing partnership and formed quite a bond. Jamie did both dressage and “liberty performances” with Tux and it was a pleasure to watch them work and play together.

Jamie grew up in a family of trainers and started singling out his diverse horsemanship by turning towards performing all of the stunts and thrill maneuvers at the Arabian Nights Dinner Theatre where his parents Kim and Yvonne Barteau of KYB Dressage worked for years. Over the years, he’s developed a wonderful instinct with horses and is able to do wonderful things with every horse he works with. 

Jamie-and Tux.jpg

Arabian Halter Trainer

Mike Neal Arabian Center, LLC


Mike Neal trained Tux as a youngster and had several wins with him including a top 5 for Region 10 Yearling colts. He gave Tux a very good foundation that established a very solid work ethic within Tux. Mike has shown Arabian horses for more than 30 years and has used his time working with horses to develop a training program based on a philosophy of positive rewards. The result is a unique presentation that demonstrates a profound connection between Mike and his horses. Mike trained Pyro Thyme SA, Tux's sire and won Pyro’s first National title. After seeing Mike work with Pyro there was never a question in my mind that Tux would be with Mike for his early halter career. It was great working with Mike and knowing that Tux was in very good hands. Mike also taught me a lot and I will always be grateful for that.

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