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Absolutely Arabians, LLC Presents...


(Pyro Thyme SA x SMA Alad Khelima)

Tux Testimonials

Paul Husband

(Khemosabi Family)

“Tuxedo Thyme ABA is an All Around Excellent horse.  He is well conformed.  He is a great athlete, a great mover.  He is also superbly bred.


Tuxedo Thyme is an All Around horse.  He is a National Champion in halter and performance.  He is tractable and a great mover.  His All Star Pedigree suggests that he was bred to be the way that he is.  And he is bred to be able to pass it on.”

Jamie Lawton

Tuxedo Thyme's Trainer

“Tux is one of the most talented and charismatic horses I've ever had the privilege to work with!!! He will go down as one of my favorite horses in my life. Truly one of a kind!”

David Conner

David Conner Training

“As a trainer of both Sport Horses and Main Ring Halter horses, I am very appreciative of the level of versatility, athleticism, and beauty that is being passed on to the Tuxedo Thyme foals. His ability to consistently improve the neck set, shape and length, along with adding smoothness of conformation and enhancing type on every mare he is bred to from a variety of  bloodlines is amazing! The foals I have had the pleasure of working with have inherited that special charisma which makes for great show horses! These foals can and will compete in multiple arenas and disciplines!”

Dhea Lamb

“Boy does Tux stamp his foals!! That is a mark of a great Stallion!!  He is awesome!! I really do Mean this I think the greatest Stallions in our history correct different things with the mares they breed. Tux is doing that which proves he is a great sire. ”

Violetta Talley

Fire & Earth Photography & Design (

“Tuxedo Thyme is one of the flashiest Arabian stallions I have ever photographed. He has such a great personality, which makes it easy to work with him in any photo shoot, whether at liberty, under saddle or posing for a particular shot. He is easy to handle, always attentive and I can tell that he loves to show off for the camera... definitely a show horse! I have watched him mature over these past couple years and I am amazed at the tremendous progress he has made in his training. I look forward to photographing this wonderful stallion in the future because I know he will become quite a star!”

Donald and Anjanette Willaby

(Windy Creek Arabians) (owner Thyme For Roses - 2017 Purebred Arabian Filly)

“I was surfing through Facebook last winter and noticed an ad for the RPSI (now Westfalen NA) stallion auction.  I noticed Tux was in the auction, not realizing he had been approved.  I had seen him at SHN in 2015 and have always loved his look, and his show record is fantastic.  It only solidifies his capability as a breeding stallion.  I bought the breeding to use on our HG Esquire daughter WCA E-ternal Angell.  On May 28, 2017 a beautiful chestnut filly was born.  Her name, Thyme For Roses, actually came to me months back and I never did come up with one for a colt.  Rosie has been a blast to handle and love on.  She has a lot of spunk, I call her a fiery redhead, and she loves to have her back scratched.  In fact she loves it when you scratch her all over.  With Tux being RPSI approved we took Angell and had her approved as well so we could take the foal to be registered as a full Westfalen.  Rosie received a score of 7.7 and will get full Westfalen papers.  I consider Rosie to be just about perfect and when people ask if she is for sale my answer is, not yet.  She may never be.”

Fay Ross

(owner Diamond Tuxedo and Velvet Tuxedo 2015 foals)

“I've bred and raised Arabian foals for many years and these 2 Tux foals are the best I've bred to date.  What I like the best about them is their overall conformation and great motion but in addition they are the easiest foals to handle.  They are so smart and have such sweet personalities!!  I can’t believe how easy they are to teach and how willing they are to be with me and others.  They just love being with their people!!   I've had several people comment on how striking they are.  Such beautiful heads and overall looks it's hard to deny that they are amazing foals and they do their sire proud!”

Dhea Lamb, Trainer, Rock View Arabians (Trainer of GQ NLA – 2008 Foal)

“Tux’s first foal, GQ NLA has been in training with me since he was 6 months old. There are so many great things about GQ from his exceptional quality to his excellent personality. GQ is just embarking in his performance career in western pleasure. In his first year in the bridle he was Top 5 at Region 11 with his amateur owner. I am so excited for this horse’s future. The quality and conformation that comes from Tux is unbelievable. Tux’s offspring have exceptional conformation that produces outstanding performance horses. Not only does Tux produce athletes, he also passes on his pure Arabian beauty.”

Tina Pondy  

(owner Thyme Too Shine - 2016 Half Arab / Oldenburg Filly)

“Love the brain on this young filly.  The sire Tuxedo Thyme ABA really imprints a great mind, beautiful kind eye, a wonderful neck and shoulder, along with awesome powerful movement.  If you are looking for a great Arabian stallion to produce great Arabians or Half Arabians, you need to consider Tux.  He's approved with the Rhinelander (now Westphalen NA) association and with the Oldenburg Verband.  My filly is double registered with both the Rhinelander and the Arabian Horse Association.  Dam is a registered Oldenburg with her sire Hanoverian and Dam Trakeneir.  So far a great cross that we’re doing again with a foal on the way for 2018.”

Brenda Bartz

(owner of Exquisite Good Thyme...a.k.a. Carson - 2014 Foal)

“I first saw Tux at the Midwest Fair in Madison, WI. I had looked at several Arabians. I was impressed with his legs, bone structure and movement, but I was most impressed that I could step in the stall with him unhaltered and he was so well mannered. I knew he was going to do great showing and that I could not pass up having one of his foals. I am so glad I bred my mare to him. He passed on his beautiful confirmation, intelligence and great attitude. My colt is such a people horse. I become more impressed with him everyday. He is able to do a trail obstacle course in hand. He loads right up for me. He is great with the farrier. In the pasture he comes right to the gate when I call for him. This is all in his first year. I am so amazed with this colt. I consider myself blessed with making the right decision to breed my mare to Tux.”

Ruby Blevins

(owner California Show Thyme 2015)

“California Show Thyme is a remarkable, extremely intelligent, showy but gentle colt sired by Tuxedo Thyme ABA.  Last week I put a lunge line on him in the round pen and with no further instruction he went perfectly in both directions with the stop of a reining horse!  In 35 years of training I have never experienced this. He has stopped his nippiness as a young colt and now at 7 months is a remarkable gentleman. He is always eager to go out of his paddock to go learn something new. I am very impressed with him in every way. His Movement is exceptional, he stands like a statue for the ferrier, loves people and is a showman when asked, truly a colt destined for greatness. He is very brave and bold and is truly my friend.  He is a definitely a tribute to his phenomenal sire.”

Barb Hill

(owner of BriLaHi Tuxedo Della...a.k.a. Della - 2012 Foal)

“BriLaHi Tuxedo Della, Tux's first daughter has been a joy from the day she was born. My husband was the first to meet her when he came out to feed China Dolle, her 15 year old mother who was a first time mom, and there were two noses reaching out of the stall not one! As a yearling we took her out of the pasture 4 days before the Waukesha, WI Region 10 show where she won the yearling class and went on to take third in the regional championship mare in hand class. As a two year old with just a week’s training she was reserve champion mare in hand against many lovely older mares at region 10. The judge loved her elegant floating movement and remarked about her great potential as a sport horse. Della is currently at home all winter wooly and is demonstrating her flying changes and jumping ability over recent snow drifts. She will learn about saddles and bridles later this year.”

Tux Foal Testimonials
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