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Absolutely Arabians, LLC Presents...


(Pyro Thyme SA x SMA Alad Khelima)

Breeding Information

When breeding to any stallion some important things for you to consider


  1. Do your research on both your mare and the stallion’s pedigrees to see if they will produce what you are looking for. See the very detailed breakdown of Tux’s pedigree outlining his national origin heritage and achievement heritage on the “Pedigree & Info.” tab.

  2. Ask the stallion owner to provide information about the stallion’s semen for your vet or breeding facility so they know what they are dealing with. The quality of a stallion’s semen plays a big role in successful breeding.

  3. Work with a reputable breeding facility or vet that is very familiar with doing artificial insemination so you have better success in getting your mare pregnant. While the semen may be very good, timing with the mare is extremely important.

Tuxedo Thyme ABA++++// is an AHA Sweepstakes sire.

Stud Fee
  • $2000

  • 20% (non-refundable) booking fee

  • 20% Multiple Mare Discount on any additional mares after 1st booking

  • Transported Cooled and Frozen Semen Available… (US & Canada only for Frozen)

  • Live Foal Guaranty

  • SCID Clear

  • Tested normal (meaning he does not possess the mutation associated with):

    • Lavender Foal Syndrome

    • Cerebellar Abiotrophy

Contact Absolutely Arabians for stallion collection/shipping arrangements. We use a couple of places to collect Tux.  Price for collection is $350-$400.  Shipping cost will vary depending on your location. 

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